Workshops & Events

Sacred Sisterhood Circle

with Aubrey Gibson

Thursdays: November 10th and December 8th at 7:15pm

Join Aubrey and the women of our beautiful community as we come together once per month to connect to our Divine Feminine and each other.  Each session will be different, with new opportunities to explore ourselves within and to create bonds with other like-minded women.  You will experience sacred ceremony, intention setting, nurturing creation, and collaborating wisdom. Circle begins at 7:15pm.

Goddess Yoga

with Kelsey Marie

Fridays: November 11th and December 9th at 6:30pm

Goddess Yoga is the art of Sacred and Sensual Movement.  A combination of ancient, powerful rituals that create profound transformation in women.  We create a safe container to activate and heal through play and sacred sisterhood.  Welcome to a practice that you are going to fall in love with!f

Heart Circle

with Kelsey Marie

Saturday December 10th at 2pm

The path of the heart is the one that will set you free. Freedom resides with in the knowing that our hearts are infinite.

This circle is an opportunity to come deeper into the heart in order to navigate through these changing times.

This is for anyone who desires to know themselves deeper, who feels the depths of empathy, and has a heart that aches for a place of safety.

This container will be a space where each person may express themselves, be witnessed, and have the opportunity to hold one another on this journey of life. Each month the theme will be slightly different according to the energy of that month.

Decembers energy is Seeing From the Heart.

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