Workshops & Events

Goddess Yoga

with Kelsey Marie

Friday May 12th and Sunday June 11th

Goddess Yoga is the art of Sacred and Sensual Movement.  A combination of ancient, powerful rituals that create profound transformation in women.  We create a safe container to activate and heal through play and sacred sisterhood.  Welcome to a practice that you are going to fall in love with!

Sound Journey Savasana.

The Practice of Metta

Our Capacity for Loving Kindness

with Carolyn Blackmon

Sunday May 21st from 5-630pm

The Goal Of Metta Meditation Is To Cultivate Loving Kindness For All Things And All People Including Ourselves.
Just A Few Of The Benefits Of This Practice Are…
*Promotes Compassion and Empathy
*Decreases Negative Emotions and Increases Positive Emotions
*Enhances Our Connections With Others
*Decreases Bias/Judgment/Discrimination
*Helps Us Manage Pain In The Physical Body

In this class you will learn about Metta and Experience Guided Metta Meditation.  Gentle Movement will foster embodiment and then there will be time and opportunity to bring Metta into Physical Life Practice.

Mudras, Movement, & Meditation

with Hemal Karna

Wednesdays: May 24th and June 7th at 6:30pm

Join Hemal on this path into the deeper layers of Yoga.  Experience gentle yoga to create body awareness and opening…an invitation for the mind to slow down so as to really FEEL the meaning of the Mudras (Seals). Mudras are an expression or a seal of our devotion to ourselves to  our Practice.  There are so many mudras to learn and integrate…and we will begin that journey in these sessions. 

The practice will lead us into meditation, where our consciousness can reside in a soft peaceful Calm…the space where we truly Belong.

Embodied Core

Fundamental Pilates & Metaphysical Yoga

with Kelsey Marie and Steve Mazich

Sunday June 4th, 3-5pm

Come join us for an afternoon of embodied movement and relaxation. Steve Mazich a Pilates teacher for 10 plus years, will lead the group through a mindful Pilates routine, explaining the fundamental aspects of the method and each exercise. Kelsey will simultaneously interpret these movements from the metaphysical and yogic perspective. The goal is to connect to those energy centers and achieve a deeper understanding of the mind body connection. Finishing with a guided sound journey, our intention is that you will leave feeling relaxed with a deeper connection to your body.

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