Class Descriptions

Candlelight Slow Flow with Meditation

This class is centered around calming the nervous system. Enjoy a slower paced flow and deep breathing in a candlelit room with guided meditation.  Warm, mellow vibes. Leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Appropriate for all levels

Yoga Foundations Flow

Come enjoy this class and learn the foundations of yoga to build strength and stability in your physical and energetic body.  This class offers an opportunity to focus on the alignment of individual poses while bringing direct awareness to the Breath…as the Breath is the true foundations of the Yoga Practice.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Energetic class that flows from one pose to the next. Focus on breath, strength, stability, and flexibility. This class will help to create space in the body and the mind.  Prior Yoga Experience Suggested.

Good Morning Flow

Wake up with dynamic sequences, positive vibes, inspired music, and focus on linking breath to movement. Appropriate for All Levels.

Inspired Flow

This all levels Vinyasa Flow offers affirmations and inspirations throughout class–making it a perfect place to set intentions and to get clear on what you want, need, and deserve in this Life. This class provides the integration of body, mind, and spirit–giving yogis the opportunity to Flow with Purpose.

Power Yoga Flow

Faster paced, athletic class designed to build stamina and strength. And Themed around finding Power in our spiritual lives. More advanced postures offered.  Prior Yoga experience encouraged.

Sundays For the Soul

Wake up and spend Sunday mornings with your Soul. The class is a blend of gentle movement, yin, and restorative…and the purpose is to give yourself time to reconnect within. Making space for the deeper wisdom that lives within us (which can only be heard with intentional sacred listening) to come forth.  Take time in your day to give your Soul a safe centered place to be speak and be heard.

We also use this time together on Sundays as a way to shine light back into the community. We ask that in addition to the cost of yoga, you bring something to donate to those in need in our community. What we collect changes. For September, we are partnering with New Vision Center on behalf of Arizona Helping Hands and collecting brand new pajamas for foster children ages infant-18. We are also accepting monetary donations towards the purchase of pajamas.

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