Balancing the Cakras with Megan Cannon–March 15th from 2:30-5:00pm

In this workshop you’ll learn about the subtle energetic body and what the cakras are. You’ll fine tune which areas of the body need attention and learn how to get balance back in that Cakra.
This experience comes with a take-home manual that guides us through each Cakra, provides journal entries, and gives more information on meditation.

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Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Aubrey Gibson–March 22 from 3-5pm

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Open Your Heart and Sing KIRTAN with John Oyzon and Juli Burdette April 11th from 7-9pm

Have you ever felt the energy of people coming together to SING!? The spiritual practice of Kirtan makes you remember what it feels like to create UNITY with other human beings. It reminds you of the power in human connection and collective energy. Come spend this amazing evening at Surya Yoga!

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