Surya Yoga and Wellness offers a wide range of services from regular yoga classes, meditation classes, exploratory workshops, and energy work. Put together, these services create a whole-hearted blend of tools that can powerfully transform your life.

Yoga Classes – Click here to view the classes we offer.

Meditation – Meditation is the core of yoga. We emphasize meditation in all of our classes, but in the meditation specific classes, you will learn different techniques that are helpful in creating, and maintaining, a personal meditation practice. No experience is required for any of the meditation classes.

Life Coaching – Life is full of transitions and change, and there are times when one can truly benefit from a life coach. A life coach helps you step into your possibilities and move forward towards your desired best outcome. Our life coaches help their clients get clear about what they truly desire, and then take the appropriate action steps to get there. Coaching is about action and accountability.Life Coaching sessions are up to 90 minutes and done via phone, Skype, or in person.

Yoga Therapy – This powerful healing practice works to heal the whole person–mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Using a combination of yoga postures, guided meditation, intuit, and energy healing, yoga therapy works to clear out any “off” feeling that might be holding you back. This one-on-one practice can result in resolution of past experiences, a shift in self-defeating habits and thinking patterns, and a deep sense of contentment and trust.
Instructor – Jeanne Staron

Energy Balancing Massage – Using various types of massage therapies, the Energy Balancing Massage will help you release stuck tension in the body and mind. We recognize stress in the body manifests from the stresses of life. This massage will help you let go of all of it.
Massage Therapist – Amy Diamondstein

Corporate Yoga – We now bring yoga to your business. Additional discounts are available if you’re flexible on schedule. We’re happy to explore additional options for your organization.

To schedule a session for any of the above services, email