Do you have a special for first time students?

On your first day in our studio, you have two options:

1. Your first In-Studio class is $14

2. Your first In-Studio class PLUS one week of unlimited online classes is $21

* Special classes, events, and workshops that do not appear on our normal weekly schedule, are not included.

Do you have a special rate for friends and family of the Surya members?

Surya Yoga Members can add an additional Family Members to their membership for 15% off.

I already belong to a gym. Do I need this too?

Yoga is not just a work-out…it’s a work-in. Not only will you gain flexibility, strength, and stamina in our classes, but you will also gain insight into mindful ways of living to increase happiness and reduce anxiety.

Do I need to sign up online in advance?

Currently with CoVID-19 safety procedures in place, advance online registration is REQUIRED. We encourage students to arrive 15 minutes in advance of class start time in order to find a space, use the restroom, and get settled in. To sign up online, click here.

What should I bring to class?

Currently with CoVID-19, we do not have community props available. Please bring a yoga mat and any other props you might need for practice (blocks, blankets, straps, bolsters). If you have questions ahead of time or want to Pre-Rent props, please email

How is Surya Yoga different from other studios?

We believe that Yoga is for everyone. Whether you enjoy the fitness aspect of an active class or the relaxation aspect of a gentle class, Surya Yoga is a place where you will feel comfortable and supported in the goals you have for your Practice. Our studio is the home of a mindful, kind-hearted, and supportive community of people. We are committed to wellness and healing.

Yoga Etiquette:
  • Be Punctual – We ask that students arrive approx. 10 minutes prior to class start time in order to sign in and get settled.
  • Turn Off Electronics – We require students to turn their phones and other electronic devices off (or to silent) during class. To preserve the spiritual environment, we ask students to leave silenced devices in the cubbies outside the practice area of our studio. On call physicians are an exception; please notify your Teacher.
  • No Shoes – We ask that you leave your shoes outside of the practice area of our studio. We provide cubbies for the personal items you aren’t taking to your mat with you.
  • Stay for Savasana - It is said that the final posture of our practice is the very most important one. Embrace Savasana as an opportunity to restore. Give yourself permission to rest. We highly encourage students to stay for the entire yoga practice. If for any reason you need to leave class early, we ask that you make sure to exit quietly before Savasana has begun.