August Theme – Community

This month we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary, 3 years sharing a space and our yoga practice, reason why we would like to highlight how powerful it is to practice together as a community. 

The yoga practice begins with an individual, who practice for some personal reason maybe to be keep the body healthy, maybe to release stress or to find a moment of meditation, there are several reasons why a person may be motivated to practice but why do we practice together? Why does somebody goes to a place to practice? In this ancient tradition of Yoga, in ancient times students travel long distances to find a guru or master to learn from, to deepen their knowledge and make their way to enlightenment.

In modern times, the practice of yoga has changed, evolved now we have the figure of a teacher/instructor who has deepened his/her practice and has decided to share that practice with others. In Sanskrit we find the word “Shala” which translate to home, abode and a Yoga Shala is translated as a the home were we practice yoga and share that experience, Surya Yoga represents for most of us that Yoga Shala, that place were we share our experience of yoga and where we have become a community and even though we are different individuals when we are together we are reminded that we are all the same, we are souls experiencing a life in a physical body, doing our best and in our practice we become one: CommUNITY.

Asana of the Month – Tadasana

Tadasana or Mountain pose embodies the stability of the Earth element. In indian mythology Mount Kailash is the birth place of creation and the abode of Shiva, the patron of Yoga. The stability of the mountain allows us to cultivate Shiva’s absolute stillness and serenity.


  • Improves posture and muscle tone, supporting the alignment of the spine
  • Teaches basic alignment principles, enhances body awareness
  • Strengthens thighs, knees, and ankles
  • Firms abdomen and buttocks
  • Relieves sciatica
  • Reduces flat feet

Contraindications and Caution:

  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Low blood pressure

Schedule Changes:

  • Starting August 8th the Tuesday 7:30 pm Yin class and the Thursdays 7:30 pm Nidra Restorative class are back on schedule.
  • Starting August 4th the Sunday 4:00 pm Power class is back on schedule.