Our Teachers

Amy Diamondstein – ERYT 200; LMT

Amy’s journey into Yoga began as a student at At One Yoga in 2004. Practicing daily, Amy almost immediately realized the physical and emotional benefits that Yoga brought to her life. Over the next decade, Amy learned primarily from Alex Austin, Jenn Chiarelli, John Salisbury, Desiree Lapre, Hillary Ryan, and Anton Mackey. Amy graduated as a Licensed Massage Therapist from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2011 and from Anahata Soul’s Yoga Teacher Training in 2013. In 2018 Amy studied with Hamid Jabbar to become a Sound Practioner and now is inspired to incorporate the sounds of Gong, Drums, Crystal Bowls, Chimes, and Vocals into many of her classes.

Amy is passionate about using the healing arts to transform pain and dis-ease that gets stuck in the physical body into new, healthy life force energy. In her yoga classes, she focuses on staying connected to breath as a medicinal technique of clearing and cleansing energy. The theme of being anchored to the breathe as a way to experience PRESENCE, is woven through all of her classes. The present moment is the only place where life truly exists… Amy has learned that the practice of yoga (both on and off the mat) is a path towards connecting more profoundly to the present moment, and therefore to LIFE. She believes that the experience of linking breath with movement, accompanied by vibrant music, is one of the most amazing ways to completely restore the physical body, the mind, and the spirit. Amy’s classes are designed to provide students with an opportunity to be inspired…by their own body, breath, and purpose… so that they may take their practice off the mat and into the world.

The Surya Journey: In 2016, Amy found Surya and began teaching several Vinyasa and Power Vinyasa classes at the studio. Amy found a home at Surya, both in the physical warmth and intimacy of the space and more profoundly in the connection with her beloved students. In late 2019, the studio was intending to close and Amy chose to step into studio ownership in order to preserve and grow the community that she had come to love so dearly. Now she finds so much joy in finding unique/mindful items to offer in the boutique, in designing a calendar of different events/workshops to serve the students, in building a teaching team of AMAZING people who are LIVING YOGA, and in seeing this family of LIGHT evolve and blossom every single day.

Jeanne Staron – ERYT 200 & Yoga Therapy Practitioner

Through the teachings of yoga, Jeanne has witnessed the power of the mind-body connection. The movement of energy throughout the body allows us to better respond to the ebbs and flows of life. Whether it is taking a deep breath in traffic, or practicing moments of mindfulness during your day, she believes the real yoga happens off the mat. She is humbled and grateful to yoga’s life-changing benefits in her own life. Jeanne’s attuned awareness of the world around her can be seen through her yoga teachings. Her classes are adaptive and fluid as she brings her students to their edge while giving them the space to fully embrace their inner beauty and strength. Jeanne is registered as RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance. Her classes are Hatha based, including gentle, flow, yin and restorative. She is a certified Yoga Nidra facilitator trained in the official Amrit Method.

Jennifer Tarrant – RYT 500

Jenn is an experienced Yoga Teacher with over 5000 hours teaching experience. She has led classes of many types, including Vinyasa styles, trauma-sensitive classes, Yoga-As Therapy style classes, and private sessions. Jenn is also a Yoga Therapist, giving her added expertise. In addition, she is a Senior Master Trainer for YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide and has the privilege of teaching others how to be Yoga Teachers as well.

Veda Spidle–ERYT 500, YACEP

Veda Spidle was born in Lithuania and at a young age immigrated to the United States with her family. Since childhood, she has been surrounded by art, yoga, meditation, and spirituality in her own home through her parents’ daily practices. These influences led her to pursue a B.A. in Interior Design and later, to live abroad to teach English in South Korea, where she met her husband. Her experience there gave her a foundation for connecting to students, making learning fun, and expanding her perspective of life.

Upon completing her work in South Korea, she and her husband moved to Arizona where the opportunity to blend her love of yoga with her passion for teaching presented itself. With the support of her family, friends, mentors, and students, Veda has completed over 900 hours of yoga teacher training and has taught over 3,000 hours. She continues as a life-long learner to expand her knowledge of yoga and related sciences by attending additional trainings, workshops, mentorships, and self-study.

Veda’s versatility enables her to teach people of all ages and ability levels, and she specializes in using yoga to help individuals find relief from physical, mental, and emotional pain. She aspires to continue sharing her love of yoga, meditation, health, and life with others, and, most importantly, hopes to teach people to have self-compassion through yoga!

Aubrey Gibson- RYT500

A wonderful teacher once told me, “I didn’t find yoga, yoga found me.” I was in my early twenties sitting in my cubicle that I worked so hard to get into. I had checked off all the boxes – graduated high school, moved out, went to college, got a full-time job, married, bought a new car, then the house, adopted the perfect dog, and then the perfect cat and somehow found myself staring into the blur of my computer screen knowing that there was more to life. It was then, I searched “jobs in yoga studios” and the universe introduced me to my new life. I submitted my resume, quit my job, and started chasing my truth. I then found the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where I earned my 500hr yoga teacher certification alongside life coaching, Yoga Nidra, & sound healing training. Yoga did not change my life – it saved my life. Through spiritual teachings, philosophy to live by, meditation, and connection of the breath and body, yoga became a formula to my true essence. Yoga was a gateway to the healing I needed so that I could finally be free to fully embody my limitless nature. It is my soul’s calling to bring empowerment to every individual to define the life of their dreams. Welcome home.

Carolyn Blackmon–RYT 500

Carolyn began exploring yoga eleven years ago after her Grandfather starting taking chair yoga classes. Yoga was so helpful to him and he encouraged Carolyn to try it. She fell in love with it! Over the last decade Carolyn has practiced all types of yoga and has found that it helped her with soul healing, rest for the mind, and nourishment for her body. She completed her 200 Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Certification through Soma Yoga Institute in Hawaii and began teaching in the fall of 2017. She then completed her 300 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training at the Soma Yoga Institute in the Fall of 2019. Carolyn also has a certification to teach Yin Yoga. She enjoys teaching Slow Flow and making yoga accessible for All Levels while sharing yogic wisdom throughout her classes. In addition, she enjoys leading guided meditations and Yoga Nidra. She finds a lot of fulfillment in teaching donation yoga classes to give back to community organizations. Her passions include traveling, volunteering, hiking, eating vegan/vegetarian food, spending quality time with friends and family, listening to all kinds of music, journaling, connecting people, and of course yoga. 

Rose Ryan–RYT 200

Rose’s yoga journey began in 2016 when she started to prepare for the switch from school to a career. As someone who struggled with anxiety and insomnia for years, Rose was initially drawn to yoga for the positive effect it is known to have on mental health. As Rose began practicing yoga consistently, she started to see more and more little changes in her day to day life. Yoga has guided Rose to build a more present life, with a deeper connection to nature, others, and herself. In 2020, Rose received her 200 hour YTT certification. Rose is excited to continue learning, growing, and loving in this life.

Victoria Carlock–RYT 200

I began my own yoga journey over 16 years ago and completely fell in love with it. I later graduated with my masters degree and began working as a social worker with at risk children and families. After having children of my own, my yoga practice really began to deepen and my mat became my sanctuary. Yoga was a way for me to care for myself both physically and emotionally which allowed me to be a better mother to my children. After I became a certified yoga instructor, I jumped right in to teaching. It was such a natural transition and I am so happy to be sharing my love for yoga with others.

I teach yoga to cultivate community, connection, strength, and feeling centered in the mind and body through use of the breath. My classes are designed to feel inclusive and accessible to all who join. I hope to see you on your mat. -Namaste-

Kelsey Lawrence – RYT 200

Kelsey is a yoga teacher in the Phoenix valley. She has a passion for bodywork, reiki, meditation, energy work, and sound medicine. She believes that if we are able to calm the nervous system with the use of vibration, breath awareness, and relaxation of the physical body, we can access the parts of ourselves that need the deepest healing. Her passions lie in the healing and shamanic realms; tapping into the unseen world through the physical and emotional bodies. Advocate and Preistess for the rising Divine Feminine, she empowers each woman to see themselves as the Goddess they are. Kelsey has a deep connection to this planet and she radiates that LOVE. Her desire to hold space for each person to rise in their own healing is what motivates her every day to keep living a life of purpose and service.

Jennie Love-RYT 600

Jennie Love is a 600 hour certified yoga teacher and received an Advanced Yoga Teacher/Healing Arts Practitioner diploma from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  She is also a Reiki Master. Jennie teaches that the practice of yoga is not about touching the toes but rather about integrating the body, breath, spirit and mind all into one. It is this integration that has led to the unwavering belief that the practice of yoga has the potential to change one’s life if the practitioner is open to receiving.  Feeling compelled to share with others the powerful effects of yoga on the mind, body and spirit is what led her to the seat of the teacher. Jennie has a particular calling to share these benefits of yoga through the art of Restorative, Yin, and Slow Hatha practices . It is with a lightheartedness that Jennie encourages her students to honor their bodies and give grace for the way they have shown up in any given moment, explore their potential, relax with what is and let go of what simply does not serve us.  Jennie lives in Scottsdale with her husband and their two little boys, along with the family pets.  

Tracy Laskos–RYT 200

Tracy began her yoga journey as part of her half marathon training regimen.  When injury and subsequent surgery took her out of racing, Tracy dove into yoga even more.  While initially she practiced yoga for the physical benefits, Tracy quickly realized the depth of yoga was so much more than the physical movement.  
Tracy signed up for YTT in October, 2020 and life has not been the same since! Eager to share the beauty and healing power of yoga, Tracy has joined our beautiful healing community to share her unique gifts.  In addition to her vinyasa yoga teacher certification, Tracy is also certified in Ayurvedic yoga, restorative yoga and is also a Reiki Level I and II practitioner. 
When Tracy is not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find her on the volleyball court cheering her daughter and her team!

Hemal Karna–RYT200

Hemal has a passion for Yoga that brings together Meditation and Movement. She is trained and versed in Flow, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, and Sound Healing. She combines these modalities to help students disconnect with their thoughts and come into the present moment where life is being lived. She loves how Yoga has the capacity to shine a light on the areas of the mind body complex that need healing, in order to manage the highs and lows of life.

Hemal’s yoga journey began at a Bikram Yoga studio in 2006. At that time she was a full time hygienist and not feeling fulfilled. She soon began to realize the benefits of practicing yoga for the mind, body, and spirit. Curious to advance her understanding of Yoga, Hemal attended the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, but had no idea the impact this would have in opening her eyes to be the best version of herself. Through daily yoga practice, she feels more at peace, is able to move through the day with ease, and is a better mother to her daughters. This is the fulfillment she wishes to share with all of her students through her classes.

Irene Pak-RYT500

Coming from a fitness background and an education in Kinesiology, as I walked out of my first yoga class in 2001, I knew there was something special, something different about this type of “exercise” class. Later realizing Yoga is not work out, It’s truly a deep work inward, the physical benefits are merely a side effect.
As I stand, 21 years later, my passion for Yoga continues to grow and I will forever be a student.  I completed my 200 HR YTT in 2014, and my 300 HR YTT in 2018. I have been teaching Yoga full-time since 2014. I recently became a registered 200 HR school of Yoga, and lead my own teacher trainings in the valley. Through breath and movement comes stillness, patience, self-love, contentment, mindfulness, awareness, healing and compassion. It is my humble intention to create a safe space for students to open their heart and seek their truth. It is important to me to honor the roots of yoga and to share these roots along with the history and philosophy of Yoga with my students. 
I love the balance of teaching styles from Yin, Restorative and Yoga Basics, to Powerful Vinyasa Flow.
I hope to see and share your beautiful lights in my class, shine bright!

Jeff Lockridge–RYT 200

Jeff’s classes seek to test your breath and balance, awaken your strength and deliver a generous dose of inspiration. His themed practices make Yoga a fulfilling experience for all levels.

Jeff discovered Yoga in 2018 after a hamstring tear. Overcoming his preconceived stereotypes of what Yoga was and who could practice it, Jeff began vinyasa power and flow classes to become more limber. His initial objective to increase physical resiliency grew into a deeper appreciation for the mind-body connection that Yoga cultivates. Utilizing energy and creating space in the body can quiet and focus the mind, allowing inner peace and direction to flourish.

A Nashville native who ventured to Arizona in 2014, Jeff still maintains his some of his southern drawl … but all of his southern hospitality. Jeff is a communications specialist, managing the media and public relations team for a major corporation. He previously enjoyed a 17-year career as an award-winning newspaper writer. When he is not on his Yoga mat, Jeff likes to travel, trail run, cook, umpire baseball, serve as a deacon in his church and spend time with his beautiful family.

A graduate of the Namast-ay Yoga 200 HR YTT program in Scottsdale and a student of fellow Surya Yoga instructor Irene Pak, Jeff is a Yoga Alliance member who aims to assist his fellow yogis in becoming the best version of themselves.

Om Shanti.

Michelle Heller- RYT 200

Hey there, my name is Michelle! I discovered yoga on a VHS tape back in the late 90s while working 3 jobs and commuting to college. I tried sports in school but due to my short attention span and daydreamer tendencies, I wasn’t a popular pick on any team. I often felt like an outcast and that I would never quite fit in so it felt fortuitous that I found yoga. It helped me get active, stay focused and calm and I wouldn’t have anyone telling me I wasn’t good enough. I practiced from time to time but I didn’t have any idea how much of an impact yoga would have on my life. My first non-VHS tape teachers were John Salisbury, Anton Mackey and Desiree Grobstein circa 2008. I was new to Arizona and ready to spread my proverbial wings. Initially, my type A personality loved the physical workout and challenge of maintaining steady breathing whilst contorting my body and flowing with the energy of the room. Over time my practice and my understanding of yoga deepened. On December 10th 2017, the same day my brother had a stroke (he’s doing great now) I decided that in my next 365 days on the earth I would become a certified yoga instructor, teach yoga on a mountain and live my truth. I knew I wanted to share the joy of yoga with others as a teacher and wanted to make sure I learned as much as I could. To date, I have taught paddleboard yoga, lead a yoga class on a mountain, taught at 3 different corporate offices and 4 yoga studios. For me, yoga is about the balance between focus and letting go, breathing through the tough stuff and becoming stronger and more flexible because of it, staying present, living in the moment, choosing kindness, being courageously vulnerable and knowing there is always more to learn.

Michelle Heller has a BS is Theatre, is a graduate of Tony Robbins Master University, a 200 hr certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance, a certified sound healer, yoga wall, and aerial teacher. Michelle loves wholeheartedly, falls frequently and embraces all that life offers. She hopes that her own vulnerabilities will help others find their courage.

Julie Lemerond–E-RYT 500

Julie has been teaching yoga in the valley since 2010, and specializes in gentle practices such as Restorative, Yin and Yoga Nidra. An E-RYT 500, Julie is a perpetual student and is currently working towards Yoga Therapy certification. Yoga Nidra is her passion, and she holds an advanced certification in the Amrit Method. She has led and assisted with Yoga Nidra teacher trainings over the past decade. In most of her classes you will also be serenaded with sound healing in the form of crystal bowls, koshi bells, gentle gong playing and more.

Julie’s teaching style is focused on creating joy within movement, finding freedom and contentment in the mind and the heart, and cultivating a deep sense of peace within so that her students can take that sweet energy back into the world with them.

Corina Guzman–RYT 500

Since I was little I have been involved in physical activities, such as dance and multiple sports, but when I discovered Yoga… it was love at first sight! I believe in the energy of people and I believe in building community. I care about my students and I am happy when I see them evolve in their own practice. I am from Venezuela but I completed my yoga studies in Miami, FL (RYT200 and RYT300 hours). I am always deeply grateful for my teachers and I love being not only a teacher but also a student to continue growing and learning every day…

Taylor Lange–RYT 200

Yoga found Taylor in her twenties when anxiety surrounding the big life questions had become debilitating. While the asana (postures/physical practice) first drew her to the mat, the mental and emotional changes she experienced within just a few months of consistent practice convinced her to further her practice. Taylor soon began integrating yoga into her elementary classroom, traveled internationally to practice, made lifelong friends and learned the meditation and breathwork tools to no longer need medication to ease her anxiety. Taylor completed her 200 RYT program and knew that creating a fun, safe space for everyone and every body to practice yoga was the next step in her journey. “Yoga saved my life; sharing this practice with others is the greatest gift.” 

Stephanye Evans–RYT200

Stephanye took her first yoga class at the renowned “At One Yoga” studio in 2001 and a lasting relationship ensued. Stephanye has cultivated a deeply spiritual and nourishing practice over the last 20 years. In 2008, she was called to teach and studied a form of “Zen” yoga, the teacher training being presented by a group of martial artists in Phoenix. Again in 2012 Stephanye felt the draw to study deeply again attending the 200 hour YTT at Urban Yoga in Phoenix. Since then Stephanye has specialized in practicing and teaching Acro, Aerial, Restorative, Vinyasa and Yin yoga.
Stephanye has studied and been certified in Reiki, Thai Massage, Hand-on-Assisted stretching (adjustments) and more. She has written teacher trainings and been involved in creating higher level education opportunities with multiple studios in Phoenix. Stephanye is honored to have been invited to hold space at Surya and looks forward to hosting you and facilitating  your practice. 
Om Shanti Om

Megan Cannon–ERYT 500

Megan was originally drawn to yoga to feel less stressed from the day to day work-life balance.  She found the balance on the mat and that started to happen off the mat. Megan is an ERYT 500 teacher. She is a certified crystal specialist to help guide meditation through malas, as well as Reiki practitioner. She owns Moonmalasbymegan and hosts Yoga Retreats here in the states and internationally. Yoga has brought Megan lifelong friendships, more compassion, and a more awakened life. Megan and her husband enjoy hiking with their dogs and traveling.  In a class with Megan you will find breath focused movement, safety, creativity, and expression to show up for yourself, and have some fun along the way.

Juli Burdette–ERYT 200

Juli gratefully found yoga on her healing journey after years of suffering from addiction, anxiety & depression. The ultimate peace she experienced through the practice was vital for her recovery & inevitable freedom. She is forever a devoted student and true teacher with deep passion for the transformative power of the practice on and off the mat. 
Juli began teaching in 2010 and has since studied with numerous master teachers including Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Sharon Salzburg & Silvia Nikkach and humbly carries their wisdom to her students.  Having studied vocal performance at Shenandoah University years before, life came full circle when Juli adopted the practice of nada yoga and sacred chant.
She currently leads kirtans and community song circles throughout the valley and loves infusing her classes with song and sound.  Her teachings poetically weave inspiring spiritual themes with uniquely crafted asana sequences, pranayama, meditation and chant. 

A mother, poet, ecstatic dancer & herbalist, Juli believes that life in this body is a Divine school for the Soul.  She is honored to authentically offer her heart & humor to each student, one breath at a time.

Ali Feeney–RYT-200

Ali’s yoga journey began 15+ years ago when she came across her first yoga class at At One Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ. She fell in love instantly. She tried yoga as a way to get in shape, and not only did she see the physical benefits, she noticed a shift happening mentally and spiritually.  She realized there was a lot more to yoga than she originally thought, and from then on her life changed. She took her first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at SWIHA in 2009 under Christy Burnette, just after graduating high school. There, she deepened her practice, while also completing her master massage practitioner certification. Fast forward to 10 years after her first YTT, she realized once again that she wanted to make teaching yoga her path after the birth of her daughter Sophia. She then completed her second 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Taylor Wray’s Livin in Flow.  Ali truly believes that yoga is for everyBODY, and strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment. She enjoys teaching a variety of Vinyasa flow classes, as well as a meditative and restorative practice. 

P. Casey Maples–ERYT 500, YACEP

Casey has been a student of yoga since her adolescence. It became a way of living in her late 20’s as she began exploring deeper the meditative path. She has been a student of Master Girish Jha for many years. They first met in the early 2000’s when Casey had wellness studios in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The teacher/student relationship was maintained even after years of separation by miles, when Casey moved back to Phoenix (her birthplace) to assist in the care of her mother who was navigating through Parkinson’s Disease. Guiding yoga and helping students find their way to peace has always been her focus, whether teaching publicly in facilities of wellness/fitness or corporations, privately, or nowadays, streaming. With Girish, Casey created the Yoga Youth Teacher Training program and the One Acre Foundation (a 501c3) to bring the living practices and principles of authentic yoga wisdom to those who may not have easy access. She continues teaching and studying, with 40 years of working on the yoga path and gaining greater understanding.

Teri Undereiner, RYT 200

Teri decided to integrate and deepen her own practice in 2010 when she became a Yoga Instructor, a Life Coach, and a Yoga-based Stress Specialist. With numerous trainings in different modalities of the healing/creative arts, Teri became especially interested in bringing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to Veterans and First Responders with PTSD. She has taught in yoga studios, gyms, equine therapy centers, chiropractic offices, and senior independent living centers. She has also taught at Honor Health and is contracted with Avondale Fire and Medical. Teri has developed her own workshops and designed her own yogi apparel! She enjoys teaching theme-based yoga classes, yoga philosophy, eclectic flow, and Yoga Nidra. With over 1000 hours of training, she is certified in Hatha Yoga Practices, 12 Step Yoga, and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. Teri invites every student to step in and regain custody of their lives and bodies.

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